Where Running meets Humanity.

Global Run Project

The Global Run Project raises funds via a GoFundMe Page.
You can DONATE, follow our donation progress or check out photo updates on those who receive your donations.

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We love running. We run 6 or 7 days a week. It takes us into areas, villages, towns, trails, roads, trails and paths we would never normally head down. When we run we always meet people we would never usually meet. Sometimes those people need a little help. 

Help might come in the form of food, water, medication. Some new shoes, clothes, or maybe fund a project to help kickstart better things for them.

We soon realized that we are the feet on the ground. A couple of travelling runners with a unique opportunity to not only meet people who could benefit from a donation, but raise the funds and get it directly into their hands.


Where Running Meets Humanity

We tell them about The Global Run Project and the people who donate. We ask them their story – where they are from and where they are going – and get their names where possible.

They’re always happy to pose for a photo, allowing you to see the very people your donation helps.

Not just any donation.

Your donation.


Forging a tangible link between you and the very people you are helping. They hear your name, and you see their faces when we post the image online on our Instagram Page or . 

Total Raised

Nicaragua Water for Schools

Venezualan Refugees

Help Bob Richards

Fermenal Family

Erick's Chicken Farm

The Global Run Project

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venezuelan family


People like Joni, Savi and Paoli face a huge journey to find work. Sometimes walking thousands of kilometres with very little money, food or access to fresh water and sanitary services. Their journeys are often done in flip flops, slippers or ubiquitous Crocs. Their nights spent sleeping on a grassy roundabout, surrounded by traffic.

We have set up a GoFundMe page to help. Your donation makes a huge difference to their lives. Thank you for considering.