Is It Third Time Lucky?

by 18.12.17

Is It Third Time Lucky?

by 18.12.17

Hotel California

For those of you who know us, or read our ‘The Final Countdown‘ post, you will know that we did not make our initial departure date of November 27 to head to California. Nor did we make our second, departure date of December 15. We can check out, but we can never leave, apparently, hence our slightly glum faces in the picture above as we shiver away in freezing temperatures and multi layers when I should be soaking up the heatwave in NoCal.

Our camper, unfortunately, was still not ready. So I signed myself up for 2 more weeks of work. Thankfully, the arctic blast that hit our town in early November passed after a week, temperatures rose and my panic to leave, melted away, just like the snow. We set a new departure date of December 15th. My work schedule is marked once again with “Claire’s Last Day”, I adjust my goals, and?the final countdown begins……. again.


Final Prep

This time we actually start the very final preparations for departure. A storage locker is rented, we start packing up our condo into boxes, buy our travel insurance, close our credit cards, stop various insurance policies that will no longer be required and buy 6 months of cat food, as our cat is an extremely fussy eater.

I make it to my last day of work, believing it to actually be that, we celebrate 11 years of my time there, eat cake and drink champagne. Well, that was Thursday and by the time Monday arrives, I am calling work to ask for more shifts. We were not certain our camper was going to be ready before Christmas, and since everything will be shut down for 2 weeks between Christmas and new year, we could not risk leaving and finding ourselves homeless over Christmas.? We once again, adjust our goals, accept the fact we will spending Christmas in Canada and pick a third, and hopefully final, departure date of January 1, 2018. This date has a very nice ring to it, a new year, a new life.

We will spend a very quiet Christmas in our partially packed up condo with only the basics still out and very bare cupboards. As we have found ourselves at somewhat of a loose end, we have decided to volunteer at the local homeless shelter over the holiday season.



During the planning of our trip, we have been fortunate to meet people who have shown a great deal of enthusiasm about the expedition and have supported us through products/services or gone out of their way to help in some way. They played a part in helping make This Big Road Trip a reality, are passionate about what they do and passionate about doing it well. If you're in the market for their product or services then we can highly recommend them.

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